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The 65th Anniversary of St. James was celebrated on Sep. 15 and 16, 2018. The joint worship service (bulletinaudio) at 10:30 am on Sep. 16 was attended by 129 people from St. James, All Saints and Calvary.

These photos and videos show the group that watched the video on Saturday, those who attended the worship service, lunch and program on Sunday, and the extensive anniversary displays throughout the building.

Here is the program (slides, audio) by Luanne Beinke and Rhea Cottingham.

We remember these St. James members who have died:

Ila Hall, 90. May 2, 2019.  obituary
Alice Melaas, 86. Mar. 30, 2019.  obituary    Memorial service on Apr. 20, 2019 (59:26)
Louise Beinke, 100. Feb. 4, 2019.  obituary   photo
David Carlson, 76. Dec. 18, 2018.  obituary
Barbara Johnson, 91. Oct. 4, 2018.  obituary
Peter Beckman, 93. Sep. 6, 2018.  obituary 
Ruth Anderson, 98. July 24, 2018.  obituary
Eleanor Blomberg, 87. Apr. 30, 2018.  obituary
Marilyn Frost, 92. Mar. 12, 2018.  obituary
Annette Lindstrom, 95. Feb. 1, 2018.  obituary

       2017 Beautification Award

St. James was given the 2017 Mayor’s Choice Award in recognition of their efforts in making a lasting and positive contribution to the Rock Island community. Here is the certificate.